Enjoy and appreciate what is

Written by Hilda Lorena Tunon

On January 10, 2024

Since I moved to Europe, I have learned to understand seasons and how even our bodies have and adjust to them.

Previously, I used to run and perform every day non-stop. Learning about cyclical living has been a defining concept that has slowly changed the way I perceive and do things.

It affects how I listen to my body, how I structure my work, how I challenge my previous knowledge, and how I create space for compassion and kindness, especially towards myself. 

With the end of the year and as winter quiets things down, I take time to process, discover the lessons, and restart when my body feels right.

Claiming a reflective pause and time inward for yourself is the best gift you can choose. Allow the magic and wisdom of the quiet winter to enlighten your next step. Nature is wise. 

Are you with me? Let’s do this!

This is a three-fold blog post. Check out part two and part three.

Part One: Enjoy and appreciate what is.

What we appreciate, thrives. The frequency of gratitude is the frequency of divine love. When we tune into this frequency, we attract abundance into our lives. (credit to Zawadi Nyong’o)

Reminding myself that time is a human construct, I still like to take time and honour and process what happened in the last year. So, I made an inventory of all the good things I want to say thank you for:

  1. My body is strong and healthy. I have dedicated time to reconnecting with it and with practices that support it.
  2. My petit family circle: my daughter, my husband and our two cats. We are stronger as a family than we have ever been. Together, we navigated 2023 with love.
  3. My extended family in Panama and Germany also shows up when anyone needs it. We have learned to share the load and be there for each other.
  4. I participated in organising an event in the United Nations office. What an impressive experience surrounded by a multicultural team. 
  5. I worked with a remarkable business coach to create my Wisdom Model and define some ideas that will crystallise my business in 2024. I planted the seeds.
  6. I celebrated the first anniversary of the Afghani family in Switzerland with the two amazing women who made it possible.
  7. Chispa came into our lives. Our second German cat proved crazier and lovable, as the first one. She is going to keep us on our toes.
  8. Network of beautiful colleagues, friends and business partners. OWIT, WIN, ICF Global, ICF Switzerland, LinkedIn, and CVCI. These are all beautiful resources for a newcomer in Switzerland.
  9. I worked on my French and managed to get to a decent conversational level to deal with everyday life. Yes, it’s still slow and broken. Practice next year will bring it even further. 
  10. My daughter is doing fantastic at University and already started her second year. She’s also experimenting with serious growth in independence, organisation and decision making. This is my dream as a mother.
  11. I travelled twice to Panama, four times to Germany, once to Italy and once to the UK to visit family. We were lucky to be there for important moments: weddings, the first day of primary school, and goodbyes. Additionally, we had fun trips to France, Malta, and within Switzerland. We also received friends at home. 
  12. I was able to provide assistance during an NLP training for the first time. My teachers are amazing and the group was lovely. From the observer’s perspective, following the content being delivered for a second opportunity brought deeper understanding and even a Supervision session. Thank you, Malta, for being my special NLP learning place. 
  13. I was able to hire support as needed: at home, during the apartment move, with the kitchen, with tax declaration, and with marketing. All equally important.
  14. I completed and passed all my tests to become an Accredited and Certified ICF Coach. And I have a badge to show for it 😂. I am not so much into labels, yet this accreditation shows my dedication, ethics and values to offer the best service possible to my clients. The process of completion offered me immense growth.
  15. All my clients. They engaged in a beautiful adventure to expand their current situation and discover the ideal life in the making. #LifeisaPractice

What are you thankful for? What do you want to appreciate so it expands for you in 2024?

Of course, my year was not only “la-vie-en-rose”; about those lessons, I will speak on Part Two.


Light and Love, 

Hilda Lorena 🌺

Hi, I’m Hilda Lorena! 👋

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As a certified & accredited ICF & IIN coach and NLP Practitioner, I dream of changing the world one person at a time. I believe that #lifeisapractice. 

With my offers, I aim to partner with you and do the foundational work necessary to build a thriving relationship with yourself, enabling you to create the life you desire.

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Hi, I’m Hilda Lorena! 👋

As a certified and accredited ICF & IIN coach and NLP Practitioner, I dream of changing the world one person at a time. I believe #lifeisapractice.

With my offers, I aim to partner with you and do the foundational work necessary to build a thriving relationship with yourself, enabling you to create the life you desire.

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