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Hilda Lorena Tunon

Take an integrative approach to transforming your career and lifestyle, looking at all areas of life that can impact your well-being.

Reclaim your energy and create a happy and joyful environment for yourself and others around you.

  • Are you juggling multiple responsibilities, working while taking care of kids, parents, etc.?
  • Does your upbringing make you believe that life should be a struggle and you will never be enough?
  • Are you trying to keep everything under control, but not succeeding? Trying to chase the illusion of perfection, which makes you feel like an impostor in what you do? Falling into negative habits and coping mechanisms?
  • Do you keep these feelings to yourself because you want to be “the strong one” for others?
  • Is perfection even hindering you to pursue healthy habits?

There’s always a way to make things better!

Imagine if you…


  • Left shame and guilt behind while discovering that every “negative” situation is a gift and a learning experience.
  • Attracted only good things into your life and consistently achieved your goals.
  • Left fear behind, opening your heart to discover the new, different people, different ways, and things.
  • Learnt to ask and receive help.
  • Could rely on your intuition, as your inner GPS.
  • Felt connected to the energy of abundance every day in your life.
  • Found true love.
  • Discovered your own voice.
  • Felt supported by God, The Universe, Mother Earth, or anything you choose to believe in.
  • Felt whole and capable and truly connected to your own life energy, protecting it like the precious thing it is.

Life would be easier and smoother!

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.

James Baldwin

Get to Know

Me & My Work

Integrative Approach

I have experienced firsthand burn-out, doubts, shame, talking to myself in a very strict way, being demanding with everything and everybody around me.

If you are open to listening to a different perspective and analysing your behaviour, I can facilitate the necessary inner work to transform your life.

If you have the will, I have the perseverance and structure to create success together. 

Initially, it's difficult to open up to being guided, but you know that you need to take action.  I can work very well with women that know what they want but have been stuck in a self-destruction pattern in the past, even if they didn't want that.

Let's make my problem-solving skills work for you.

You are in the right place to find the new you. 

3 Coaching Packages

Openhearted Lifestyle mentoring

90 mins session that will expand your concept of healthy routines, mindfulness, and conscious living.

Powerful session to revamp your approach to life and put you in the driver seat!

Easy Plan-to-Progress

4 sessions to connect you back to your own magic and gain a new positive vision of the world.

Reconnect with your purpose and reclaim a positive outlook on life!

Jumpstart your Energy

12 sessions Integrative Coaching to get you into alignment and energised to achieve all your goals!

Realign with your heart, stop the doubts from taking over your life, honor your story, and step with confidence towards your new lifestyle. 

How it Works

 – a.k.a. The Steps –


Book a free coffee chat

I help you clarify what’s your best option based on your current situation. You will give yourself some space to think.


Fill out the questionnaire

Reflection and inner work is key. If you understand where you are then we can improve. This information will provide me with critical info to help you understand yourself better.


Select & book your package

Schedule your sessions according to your plan of preference. We all can plan better our “busy” lives if we get on a schedule with a commitment to improving.


Do the work

Commit to yourself and enjoy the process.  I will be there to hold your hand and be that support and accountability you need.


Enjoy your new life!

Open up to discover a realm of opportunities that will come your way. Be ready to be surprised … you will keep saying AMAZING!! Every day, every morning, feeling grateful and appreciative of all the options.

All the possible paths start with booking a free coffee chat with me


Are you ready to start your personal re-evolution?

It’s important to get the best support: a coach that can understand you and with whom you feel relaxed, capable to grow, and thrilled to meet with every session.

When you book a free coffee chat with me, we will discuss what’s happening in your life at the moment, how my style and techniques could benefit you, and decide together if we want to work as a team.