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It’s time to stop pretending and fall in love with your own story.  Find your strength from listening to others.

Club Description

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Join us to share🎙, grow🌱, connect 🖇 and have fun🥳.  

I believe the power of accepting our own stories and recognizing the value of our rich experiences can transform how we show up in life.  Being proud of our reality, past & present, gives us the energy to create a complete healthy happy environment around us.  

As a club, we welcome and support everyone.  

😊Come and connect with your sense of belonging, no matter who or where you are.  This is your space to feel that sense of ‘family’ in Clubhouse. ♣️🏡

Empathy 🌟 Compassion 🌟 Community

⛔️Beware we are for real!‼️

Please nominate 👋 other people that could benefit from or add value by being a member of this club.

Interested in creating a Room ✳️ under The Open Heart Society? Send a DM to club founder, Hilda Lorena Tuñon (@hltunon) or admins: Claudia (@claudiachappuis) + Gaby (@gabymatabuena).

🗣 Español / English / Português / Français

“Only an Open Heart can catch a dream” (anonymous) 🌟❤️

Community Guidelines


This applies to every person, at all times.  This is a thriving community that enjoys sharing together from our own experiences.  Tolerate, welcome, and consider diverse people & perspectives.  



Engage in debates that are in good faith.  Assume good intent, ask clarifying questions if needed, and seek permission before making suggestions.  Be authentic.  We aim to listen with an Open Heart.



No spam, disturbing conversations, “Follow x Follow” or “Mute Rooms” are allowed.  Let’s keep The Open Heart Society as a safe space.  Any misbehaving will be reported.

Thanks for your cooperation🌟❤️


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