Confident you

Believe it or not, Confidence is not something you are born with. It’s a skill you can nurture and grow. The more I experiment doing new things, the...

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Find calm yourself

When we experience stress, our body can react in different ways, such as through fight, flight, freeze, or fawn responses.  However, with the...

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Ode to Not Perfect

How would it look if it’s not perfect? 🧐 Hello, Earth to human! Yes, you are human, perfectly imperfect. All standards were created by humans....

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Need a break?

Now it’s time again: The days are getting shorter, and the air is getting colder. This also means fewer opportunities to enjoy the last warm rays of...

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Hilda Lorena Profile photo.

Hi, I’m Hilda Lorena! 👋

As a certified and accredited ICF & IIN coach and NLP Practitioner, I dream of changing the world one person at a time. I believe #lifeisapractice.

With my offers, I aim to partner with you and do the foundational work necessary to build a thriving relationship with yourself, enabling you to create the life you desire.

My Word for 2024 and Setting Intentions

My Word for 2024 and Setting Intentions

We are about to finish the first month of 2024. I am gradually returning to work, and at the moment, I am focused on laying a solid foundation, much like how plants strengthen their roots. I am taking some time to reflect on the past, celebrate the good moments, learn...